Thursday, 26 July 2007

Shane Morris Interview Uploaded!

Click here for some Shane inspiration!

Shane Morris is a "User Experience Evangelist" at Microsoft, based in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked as an interaction designer / information architect / usability specialist since 1991.


Dave Kinsella Interview Uploaded!

Click here to see Dave's Interview!

Dave Kinsella is - Experienced web software creator. Focused on standards based delivery of content for usability and accessibility. Innovative approaches to creating value within established web frameworks. Accomplished designer and developer of streamlined management systems for applications and services.


Daniel Wilkes Interview Uploaded!

Click here to view Daniel Wilkes

Daniel joined JANET, previously UKERNA, in March 2004 as Web Administrator. His role includes creating and maintaining company web pages, as well as assisting with the new Web Hosting service.


Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Andy Budd interview uploaded now!

Check out Andy at FOWD!

Andy Budd is the managing director of Clear Left, a user experience consultancy based in Brighton, England. He runs a project called Skillswap which organises free web design training for his local community, and helped set up the Web Standards Awards.
Check out his interview while he was at the 'Future of Web Design'.
Andy Budd is also the organiser of dConstruct, a one-day conference aimed at those designing and building the latest generation of web-based applications.


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